Edgar zindoga

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I have put my over 15 years of experience in street workouts from my path of becoming the world champion. I share my knowledge and expertise from many failures and successes so your road into better would be  easy and as effective as possible. I'm here to help so let's begin!

Edgar, calisthenics and streetworkout coach


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6 week

Calisthenics program

What Clients Say?

"Thanks to Edgar you made the sporty side of me better."

- Cristy Dowson

247 hard work mentality

I believe all of us can make significant changes in our lives just by taking tiny steps towards the goal and have perseverance. This doesn't mean continuous suffering and workout with a taste of blood in mouth. The journey into a better life can be enjoyable and fun same time as it's challenging us to the way of become better.

Edgar zindoga

Street Workout Champion

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